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  • Clothing
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    China has 5,000 years' history. Each Dynasty has its own unique costumes.
  • Food
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    China has more than 60000 kinds of traditional cuisines. Taste Chinese delicacy.
  • Accommodation
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    Safe and comfortable living enviroment.
  • Transport
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    Convenient transportation, you can travle around China.

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Haicheng education has over 1000 schools across 100 cities in China.From application to arrival and beyond, Haicheng will take care of you. Our highly trained recruiters and visa officers support you every step of the way through the visa process.We hope you have the time of your life in China, and Haicheng’s team is here to help get you started on your journey!

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These are excellent teachers who live and work in China. Let's see their most authentic evaluation!

  • Work and Live in China gave me great support and that's why I chose it.
    Janelle J.

    Shanghai primary school

  • I want to see the world and experience different cultures, and I thought living in China would be a great way to try.
    John S.

    Ningbo middle school

  • The food is amazing, the people are so nice and kind, and the job is so much fun.
    Janette S.

    Hangzhou kindergarten

  • I chose to come to China since I was looking for a new start in my life and I've been really interested in Chinese culture since high school.
    Sylvan G.

    Nanjing school

  • I am having the best time ever in China, I have the opportunity to travel, experience new culture and traditions, taste local food and make a lot of friends internationally.
    Alysa Z.

    Hefei middle school

  • I have been teaching before coming to China and it seemed like a perfect opportunity to explore a new country and do what I love, so I applied with Work and Live in China. The job is not hard at all and if you like spending time with children you should go with this opportunity. The cost of living is low, which makes it possible to save money and still have fun going out and traveling. I would recommend Work and Live in China to anyone who wants to come here and teach, with their professional recruiters you can be sure to find a suitable job with high salary and they will take you through every step easily before and after coming to China.
    Matthew L.

    Huzhou kindergarten

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