Haicheng's "Waste-Free" STEM programme responds to the construction of a waste-free city in Riverside

2024-07-24 05:47

联合美丽杭州建设领导小组生态文明示范创建办公室、杭州市生态环境局共同推出的特别节目《美丽杭州》。无废城市的打造,离不开每一个“无废细胞”。Thespecialprogram"Beautiful Hangzhou"isjointlylaunchedbytheEcologicalCivilizationDemonstrationandCreationOfficeofBea...


The special program "Beautiful Hangzhou" is jointly launched by the Ecological Civilization Demonstration and Creation Office of Beautiful Hangzhou Construction Leading Group and Hangzhou Ecological Environment Bureau. The creation of a waste-free city is inseparable from every "waste-free cell".


Recently, a foreign teacher from Haicheng Education incorporated the concept of waste-free into the curriculum and activities during a teaching session at a middle school in Binjiang, Hangzhou, allowing the idea of environmental protection to take root and sprout in the minds of children.