About Summer Hosting Service...

2024-03-01 06:12

On July 8, the Ministry of Education issued a notice on supporting the exploration and development of summer hosting services (hereinafter referred to as the Notice), supporting local conditions to actively explore and carry out summer hosting services. The following is the detailed content of the Notice.


On July 8, the Ministry of Education issued a notice on supporting the exploration and development of summer hosting services (hereinafter referred to as the Notice), supporting local conditions to actively explore and carry out summer hosting services. The following is the detailed content of the Notice.


Summer vacation is approaching. In order to meet the needs of parents, solve the problem of "nursing difficulties" of students in summer vacation, and guide and help students spend a safe, happy and meaningful vacation, some places have launched summer care services recently. In order to guide and support qualified places to actively explore and carry out summer hosting services, the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:



Take the Initiative


The local education department should set out from the local reality, encourage the school that has the condition to undertake student summer vacation trusteeship work actively, and serve as the important carrier that learns the party history, does practical work for the people. At the same time, we actively work with the Communist Youth League, women's federations, trade unions, communities and other organizations to provide students with summer custodianship services in various ways and in various forms.



Guide Teachers to Volunteer


Local education departments and schools should actively guide and encourage teachers to volunteer to participate in student summer custodian services, not compulsory. Appropriate subsidies should be given to teachers who volunteer to participate, and the performance of volunteer service should be taken as an important reference for the evaluation of excellence and excellence. It is necessary to coordinate and reasonably arrange the time for teachers to volunteer to participate in the trusteeship service and protect the rights and interests of teachers. It is necessary to guarantee the necessary rest time for teachers in the summer vacation and set aside time for teachers to participate in the summer teaching research and training.



Students Participate Voluntarily


Summer custodian services are mainly for families and students who have real needs, and parents and students choose to participate voluntarily. Students are not required to participate. Local education departments and schools should take the initiative to publicize and inform parents of the specific arrangements. At the same time, actively guide parents to care about their children's summer vacation life, try to take some time out, strengthen parent-child company, communication and interaction, so that children's summer vacation life more colorful.



Reasonable Arrangement


Care services should be care-oriented to ensure that students are able to get adequate rest. Schools providing custodianship services should open classrooms, libraries, sports venues and other resources and facilities. While doing a good job in nursing care, they should reasonably organize and provide some collective game activities, recreational and sports activities, reading guidance, comprehensive practice, interest expansion, homework guidance and other services, and shall not organize collective missed lessons or teach new lessons.



Expand Resources Channels


Where conditions permit, local places and schools should make full use of local Red Education Base, museums, cultural centers, science and technology centers, youth activity centers and other social education resources in trusteeship services. We should actively attract college students and social professionals to participate in school trusteeship services.



The Principle of Benefiting All


Local education departments should work together with relevant departments to improve the guarantee mechanism of summer custodian service funds, and raise funds by means of financial subsidies, collecting service fees or agency fees according to relevant policies of after-school services. In the case of service fees or agency fees, the local education department shall formulate the fee standards in consultation with the relevant competent departments, and publicize them to the society and do a good job of publicity. Schools shall not violate the rules of collecting fees.



Safety is a Top Priority


Local education departments and schools should improve the safety management system, clarify the safety responsibilities of the personnel involved in hosting services, formulate safety emergency plans, strengthen safety and health education and the prevention and control of COVID-19 epidemic, eliminate potential safety hazards of hosting sites, and ensure the personal safety of teachers and students.