@All parents, what are the benefits of "double reduction" for parents?

2024-06-13 15:56

At the same time, Parents are also beneficiaries of the "Double Reduction Policy", It is important to actively support and promote this new policy and let the children grow up better.

引言 About "Double Reduction Policy"











"Double Reduction Policy"

Reduces the student's homework burden and

Off-campus training burden,

Strengthen the role of schools as the main front.

At the same time,

Parents are also beneficiaries of the "Double Reduction Policy",

It is important to actively support and promote this new policy and let the children grow up better.

"Double Reduction Policy" specific relation to what aspect of parents?

Let’s take a look.


双减政策同样受益于家长 The Benefits




"Double Reduction Policy" topic is a recent period of time parents are very concerned about.

From the point of view of parents, they are  beneficiaries, because they are allowed to reduce mental anxiety and energy burden, as well as reduce family education expenditure, which is also the goal of the "Double Reduction Policy".

To summarize, we can list the following points of "Double Reduction Policy" that are directly related to parents.



Reduce mental pressure and financial pressure 




1. Reduce mental pressure for parents. The guidelines specify to"effectively alleviate the anxiety of parents", reduce "parents corresponding energy burden", in response to the concerns of the majority of parents, laid the intention of this important document.

2. Reduce the burden of parents' economic expenses. The guidelines specify that "family education expenditure" should be effectively reduced. That's the economic calculus from the parents' point of view. Of course, it is also the specific cause or specific content of parents' anxiety.

▲ These two sentences, show that the "double reduction" work is from the interests of the people, problem-oriented, face up to the emotional state of parents, face up to the family economic burden. It is in this sense that the double reduction program is a major livelihood project.



Relieve parents of homework.


Relieve parents of homework. On the one hand, The guidelines clear "is strictly prohibited to parents or disguised homework, it is strictly prohibited to ask parents to check, correct homework". This relieves parents of the burden of direct involvement, or even "doing homework". On the other hand, the guidelines specifically list a single task to promote after-school services and relieve parents of the burden of indirectly participating in homework. The guidelines require that after-school services should end no earlier than the local normal closing time in principle, and schools should provide delayed care services for students with special needs. Make full use of after-class service time, guide the student to finish the homework seriously, undertake remedial tutoring and answering questions to the student who has difficulty in learning, provide the space that expands study for the student who has strength to learn. Primary school students and the vast majority of junior high school students will go home without written homework, which will greatly reduce parental investment in their children's homework.



Reduce Competition 


The opinions emphasize that "national statutory holidays, rest days, winter and summer holidays shall not be used to organize discipline training." At the same time, it is emphasized that training institutions should not disclose information about parents and students, so that parents will not be constantly disturbed by such information. The opinions also put forward various requirements on strengthening the control of advertising for off-campus training to prevent anxiety from being exaggerated.



 Reduce parents' anxiety 


Reduce parents' anxiety about exams and entering schools. The guidelines proposed to "deepen the reform of senior high school enrollment", improve the enrollment mode, increase the proportion of quota students allocated, and put an end to illegal enrollment. The guidelines also put forward various requirements for the examination, such as "shall not have in advance to prepare for the examination, illegal unified examination, examination questions exceed the standard, examination rankings and other behaviors", resolutely overcome the tendency to only score. The examination and admission policy is a "vane" that parents are highly concerned about. In a certain sense, the reform of it is the source of governance to reduce the burden of parents.



Make parents more rational and calm



The guidelines put forward "guide parents to establish a scientific concept of parenting, rationally determine children's growth expectations, and strive to form a consensus to reduce the burden", which is not only the "double reduction" work finally achieved results, the people are satisfied with the symbol, but also the "double reduction" work of long-term governance important decisive force. Parents' concept of science, calm mood, rational choice, "double reduction" is "reduced" to the bottom.

In this way, parents have become the force to rely on and participate in the promotion of the "double reduction" from the service object.