What do you need to rent an apartment?

2021-01-25 03:03

Before you rent an apartment where you will spend months or even years, consider the following points.

 Decide which apartment you want to rent.  Think about its size and location.  Ask yourself if your apartment needs renovation.

 Think about whether you want to live alone or plan to share an apartment.

 Calculate how much you can spend on rent each month.  Consider your salary and the possibility of getting rent subsidies from the company.

 Finally, decide how long you want to live in the rented house and figure out how much to save.

You may be required to show your visa and proof that you have the right to study/work in China.

 If you rent an apartment to the landlord, ask him/her to show the rental property registration certificate.

 This is important if you want to make sure you live in a legal apartment.

 On the day of signing the contract, you have to pay three to six months' rent.

 You also have to give the landlord a deposit (usually one month or two months' rent).  If you use agency services to help you, you will also need to pay a rental agency fee.

 You got the key to the new apartment in China and you can finally move in.