How to Order Take-Away Food in China

2021-01-25 02:07

How to Order Take-Away Food in China

People in Chinese are spending more time on ordering take-away food when they are at home or company. You might not aware how popular the food delivery service is in China. This is a guideline of how to order take-away food in China.

The Very Two food delivery apps in China

The fastest and easiest way to order take-away food is with food delivery apps, such as Meituan Waimai takeout and Eleme takeout. They have their own logistics members that coordinate food delivery from restaurants directly to your doorstep. You can also find chain restaurants that have their own delivery team, such as Starbucks and McDonald. Delivery is becoming more and more popular as some restaurants offer discounts for orders that exceed a certain dollar amount, and delivery are usually cheaper than eating at the venues.