How to Get a Work Permit in China?

2021-01-25 03:27

Starting from April 1, 2017, China has implemented a nationwide work permit system for foreigners to come to China. 

According to the "Regulations on the Employment of Foreigners in China", if a foreigner has not obtained the right of permanent residence in China (only refers to mainland China, the same below) or has not obtained Chinese nationality, he must obtain Foreigner's Work Permit in China. (Foreigner's Work Permit, called Employment Permit before the implementation of the policy of combining foreigner’s employment permit and foreign expert permit).

 In addition, foreigners still need to apply to the competent immigration authority for a legal residence permit after obtaining a foreigner's work permit to stay and work in China.

This article organizes the following materials for foreign talents applying for work permits and residence permits.

 Process overview:


 Step 2: Apply for a work visa (Z Visa)

 Step 3: Apply for Registration of Temporary Residence

 Step 4: Apply for work permit for foreigners (Work Permit)

 Step 5: Apply for a Foreigner's Residence Permit

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