Rainstorm Self-help Guide

2021-09-21 01:25

1. In the process of avoiding risk, we must stay away from power facilities, stay away from high-voltage lines, high-voltage towers, substations, and stay away from all items with power supply danger signs.

远离电力设施  / Stay away from electricity






1. In the process of avoiding risk, we must stay away from power facilities, stay away from high-voltage lines, high-voltage towers, substations, and stay away from all items with power supply danger signs.

2. Stay away from wires and ropes.

3. away from the switch, distribution box.

4. Do not touch live equipment such as sockets and switches when the body and hands are not dry.

Avoid standing high in the open air and avoid lightning strikes.

不要使用交通设施  / Don't use transportation






1, do not drive around, under the rainstorm, the ground situation is completely covered, unable to accurately judge the water situation, once sliding into the lowland, very dangerous.

2. Get away from public transportation as soon as possible. Under the rainstorm, public transportation facilities are also in danger, whether buses, subways, taxis, and even high-speed trains may be disrupted, underground subway and buses in low-lying areas, are very dangerous, leave the vehicle to find a safe location.

If you leave the vehicle, it is best to keep collective action. The whole car evacuation, the best hand in hand with each other, to ensure that no one left behind.

4. When actively looking for a safe location in a rainstorm, don't rush to make phone calls, send messages on Moments, take selfies, play with your mobile phone, etc. Rain may damage your mobile phone and consume the storage power too early, and the consequences may be very serious.

5, find high ground, in order to ensure their own safety, then to use the telephone and outside contact.

关于个人通讯  / About Communications










Company self rescue when the rainstorm come 







1. When the rainstorm and flood come, it is not necessary to require all personnel to be on duty, but to organize personnel to evacuate to a safe position in time and actively deal with the situation in the next stage.

2. To ensure safety, enterprises and institutions should actively use their own hands of relief materials. Manage and distribute relief supplies well, and provide necessary support to people in neighboring areas under the condition of ensuring their own safety.

3. If enterprises and institutions have determined safe sites (such as squares with higher terrain, houses that can accommodate more people, etc.), they can be actively prepared to open up and accept risk-aversion personnel.

4, enterprises and institutions can organize their own security team, responsible for their own property and the area of order management, and try to get in touch with the local public security department, the scene of the timely report to the public security department, to obtain relevant guidance.

5, in the case of ensuring safety, enterprises and institutions should try to get through their surrounding channels, the use of their own communication facilities, information release facilities and outdoor facilities, external release of information, inform their own safety, personnel, can provide the site, can provide supplies.

6. Where possible, try to ensure that water, food, food, sanitary supplies, etc., are stored in advance. In addition to ensure the use of resident personnel in the unit, if necessary, can also rescue people in need.